200 Days

ancestryIt’s been 200 days since I learned the name of my biological father. I was returning from a conference to my hotel. I was in the backseat of an Uber during California rush hour traffic when I logged into Ancestry.com from my iPhone. I touched the tab on my screen marked “See Your Matches” and my life changed. We often hear people describe their legacy moments when, in an instance, the world changes for them. Some of these moments may be tragic while others bring joy. I am still discovering the power of my legacy moment.

In many ways my story is every adopted child’s dream. A story of inclusion. A story of belonging. A story of acceptance.

Yet, my journey has not been easy. I have shadows that haunt me. I have been chasing a feeling of “fit” and belonging for as long as I can remember never quite reaching what I am looking for until 2018.

I hope my story will help others to feel seen, to feel heard and to know that they are not alone.


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